Meet Buddy

My readers know by now that I have a soft spot for animals. I’ve raised just about every animal that is local to our area, wild and not. DO NOT send your animals my way though! I don’t allow just any animal to stay anymore, but rather I pick and chose- sorry little critters……… blame the current resident of OUR Whitehouse (s’cuse please, think I’m gonna be sick) and the economy. Animal food has doubled, and tripled, in price, along with EVERYTHING else, in the last few years, but thats for another time. So if I feed all the animals that came my way, the electric would be shut off! I have never allowed male dogs to stay here. Female dogs are just smarter as in all species! ahahaha, and I have female dogs and don’t want puppies. But then……………….. along came Buddy.

Buddy showed up atop Paradise Mountain last month. Ragtag and starving, I fed this mutt of a dog, wormed him good, brushed the long hair off his panting body as the temperature climbed outside and gave him a temporary home- or so I thought! This dog decided he liked me and his new TEMP home, so he set out to win my heart. I go outside and he runs to put his nose in the palm of my hand. He took to Riddick and decided to claim him and everyone else up here as well. He seldom barks, unless Bell decides she wants to go on a coon hunt, then its Buddy on the hunt! He trees coons, chases off anything that comes up here that doesn’t belong, plays with Riddick, and has captured the hearts of all. So for the first time in many, many years, we have a male dog.

Meet Buddy


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Ebay vs Ecrater Stores

A little post comparing ebay stores to ecrater stores

Ebay vs Ecrater Stores.


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Story Behind Paradise Mountain

If you follow me on twitter, facebook, or one of my other blogs – Electric Oil Warmers & Wholesale Fragrance Oils and MyFountainDesigns – or my youtube channel, you have probably seen my mention of a place called Paradise Mountain, so a little history is in order.

I left the great state of Ky in 1980 with my little family of three, for the Lone Star State. We stayed in Texas for 14 years and returned to Ky in 1994 and built our dream home on land we bought in Lee County Ky. Dreams sometimes are just that, so another move came when we decided to return “home” to Johnson County Ky. Of course land had to be found, bought, and with the various animals that always seemed to find us when looking for a place of their own, we needed alot more land than just a few acres. We liked our privacy as well and would pass our land on down to future generations. So we turned to family in our search for a place that would meet our needs and wants.
One of Larrys cousins  owned land at the very end of Pigeon Creek, and stubbornly held on to it through  offers to buy until he learned that we were trying to find a place to call our own in Johnson County.  A deal was made to purchase this virgin land, and the hard work began, again. I learned that the name Larry was calling our new home was not from his own imagination, but this land was dubbed Paradise Mountain by previous owners because they came here to get away from everyday stuff and enjoy a little piece of paradise.

Even though Paradise Mountain is not officially high enough to be called a ‘mountain’, the name stuck. and there you have it 🙂


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2012 Spring Trail Ride Lee County Ky

The Lee County Ky Spring 2012 Horse Back Trail Ride was the weekend of May 11-13 this year. Being the weekend of Mothers Day, there was not as many riders as usual, of course the pending rain might have had something to do with the decreased number of horses and riders. But we went, no matter the date or weather! It is my favorite county trail ride that we go to in East Ky

We set up camp on Friday evening and then set out to explore the campground and to see what other horses and riders had ventured to Lee County to ride the Walkers Creek and Hells Creek ride. Riddick met up with his bud Grant on the road and they followed us to the Lee County Saddle Club to begin their weekend ride.

I didn’t get as many pictures or videos as usual. I’ve been taking it easy with my Nikon Coolpix camera. This one has been at the bottom of Paintsville Lake, in Paint Creek, dropped on various roads, left at the barn overnight to draw moisture, and other places not good for a camera, but it keeps on going! mmm hmm, love my lil Nikon camera!

Here is what I did get…..

Spring Trail Ride 2012 Lee Co Ky


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Fourth and Fifth Week After Knee Replacement

I blogged about Larry having total knee replacement surgery, but there is just a bit more to it!

When I first typed up the post about Larry having surgery on Jan 18 it was just 3 weeks after surgery, and Larry looked as kewl as a cucumber walking with the aide of therapist and walker. Check him out after his 4th and 5th week post-surgery!

Now don’t get freaked out if you need Total Knee Replacement surgery, unless of course you are a stubborn soul such as our beloved Larry. In his case, he needed the surgery done 10 years ago! But came up with excuses year after year until he finally damaged discs in his back BECAUSE of his bad knee(s)

Larry was told by his drs that he would be able to use his tractor and ride horses after three months, and they were right! Larry went on his first pain free (left) knee horse back ride in years. Now if he’d only stubborn down and get his other knee replaced. Ahh well, that will be for another year I guess, or decade perhaps?

Knee Replacement Surgery – Vid #2

This video is in no way to make fun of Larry or his pain, but rather a warning to YOU, IF you too need Knee Replacement…… Don’t Put It Off! The healing time is much longer and you risk the health of your back. OK, maybe it was a little bit of an………… “I told you so”!


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Knee Replacement & My Websites

Been awhile huh? And for good reason!
 Larry had total knee replacement surgery on Jan 18 and its been a slow process to get where he is today, and thats still a long way from where he wants to get!
 A really good Physical Therapist from Home Health comes to the house 3 times a week and really gives Larry a workout, so much that the therapist tells him to exercise his knee very little the next day. Then Jeremy (the physical therapist) comes again the next day and Larry has a thorough workout!
 So the feeding of all the horses, cows, dogs, and all the other things Larry done, now falls to me- yipee! Then its back to the house and either putting the workout machine under Larrys leg (twice a day, 2 hours each time) or taking it back out from under his leg- and that thing is heavy!!! or getting ice packs under his knee, or putting them back up. Its pretty much like caring for an invalid, except Larry is using a walker and goes to the living room to his recliner after his morning workout.
 So yep, its been awhile since I posted in either of my blogs. I have been working on a page with sub-pages, but they will remain private for the time being.
 I’m getting back on the computer more, so I’ll keep you posted on Larrys healing, which will take a little longer than usual since his knee was in such bad shape.

 Oh, and for those that have ordered any Electric Oil Warmers or Fragrance Oils from my webstore….. I’ve been getting your orders out but I do apologize for the ones that have been sent out a couple days later than usual.

BTW—- I will be closing my ebay store within a few days, so go on over to my wholesale store and get the exact same items as is in my ebay store, except get them at much lower prices! My Fragrance Oils remain LOWER THAN WHOLESALE! and all Electric Oil Warmers, Candle Warmers, Tart Burners, and NASCAR Candle and NASCAR Tart Warmers are at much lower prices than what you find in my ebay store :)—– ALL NASCAR ITEMS REMAIN BELOW WHOLESALE!


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My Blog Disappears and Frustration

I started my first blog – this blog – in 2008, and have used alot of photos, videos, pics, and slides in my blogposts. I’ve went through several computers since I started this blog, so some of my photos were stored nowhere else but right here in MY administration account! Yea, I know, dumb move but hey, we all make them.
Although wordpress does have alot of features and functionality that a blogger wants, it also has its limitations. I mean, geesh, you can’t put ANY html in sidebars, bottom bars, or any other bars! Not in wordpress.COM anyway. I would love to be able to put a line or 2 of code in a sidebar widget, but nope, not in the wordpress.COM version, but IF you want more functionality with your blog, use and a hosting acct through the best, and get  $1.99 Web Hosting Per Month!

But back to my original intent of this post………..
I haven’t posted in either of my blogs in awhile, or went to my facebook acct or my main twitter account. Just didn’t want to, you see………….
A couple of weeks ago I logged into my acct and found that my blog was GONE! THIS BLOG JUST DISAPPEARED!  In my dashboard were the words…..” no longer exists”   But….. But…..Bull!…But…..WHY?? Lemme tell you I paniced! This blog was the second ‘thing’ that was ‘mine'(???) my thoughts, opinions, pics etc, that I did online! I was a total newbie to it all when I started this blog. But I could not figure out WHY! Then it hit me- all my old photos, a couple videos stored nowhere but here, and a deep rooted, disappointed, sick of it all – feeling started creeping into my heart. Yes it was my fault for not storing my stuff and stories somewhere else… but I didn’t. Maybe I should have stored a copy of my entire blog somewhere! hmmmmf! no, I didn’t!


So I typed them an email and asked them WHY. About 36 – 48 hours later I received a response. “It was a system error and the ‘system’ should not have done that” and then, POOF! my blog was restored just as quickly, and easily, as it had been taken down, with all content! The support guy apologized and offered “if theres anything we can do” yada yada line. Shoot, IF they wanted to do something, give me a FREE UPGRADE of some type- LIKE A NO AD UPGRADE! hmmmf why ask?
 I didn’t quickly get over the fact that all my work – even posts and ads for my first website- MyFountainDesigns – was gone, as quickly as it disappearred, or restored.
I didn’t have my content copied elsewhere, but I do now.
 I’m getting back into a few of the things I do when logged into the world wide web, but with a renewed sense of ‘but…. what if? but……what about?
I guess a lesson was learned, maybe you can learn from it too.


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