09 Oct

I was reading over my previous posts, and was again saddened by the loss of a close, long-time friend, and distant cousin, Randy Baldwin.

Randy was always there for us when we needed him. He was always more than happy to come and help with the horses, or fencing, or building this house. He was in our home as family 28 years ago, and 2 years ago. I am most positive that he would have been in our home many more times had the KY STATE COP NOT MURDERED HIM. see ‘Cops That Murder”

It also saddens me when I think of the pitiful mindset that cops have now-a-days. Yeah,yeah, they are not all 100% disgusting, but the truth is, at least from what I have seen, they are not what the general public thinks them to be. Most cops will do the right thing concerning everyday stuff, but you dig a little and you will be shocked at what you find in “mr Nice-Guy-Cops” history.

I used to be one of those that gave money for every fund raising event, when my phone would ring and the caller was asking for a donation for one thing or another. Like “……. a certain number of our state police were killed in the line of duty last year and we are raising money for the WIDOWS AND ORPHANS FUND”

and this one “……. and we are raising money for the underprivileged in our area” [puking here] this one is really sick though cause cops ALWAYS [at least 95% of the time] do more for family’s that have money!

and this one “……. and we are raising money to help keep kids off drugs in our area” some heavy duty puking here! HAH!  If the truth be told folks, the cops are the ones behind the drug activity in every area!

But over the years I have witnessed so many things that just aren’t right, low down, low-life ways, with our supposed LAW ENFORCEMENT. But the trouble is, they are enforcing their own self imposed law. The last straw was when the state cop murdered Randy. I have no problem whatsoever in telling these phone beggars to take me OFF their calling list. If they persist, I tell them why. They get the picture then.

MY LAST EYE WITNESS EVENT OF LOW LIFE POLICE WAY TO DO THINGS was just 2 months ago. A man and his 5 year old son were out one night about 10 pm, cops pull them over, cops end up arresting man, cop calls mans mom, mans mom rushes to pick up mans son. When this mom pulls up to where she has been told that her grandson was waiting for her “safely” in the hands of a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER gag, puke,really nasty green stuff
she is petrified when she finds noone around! A dark lonely road, noone around, an empty police car with no lights on inside or out. She is just turning her car around to go farther down the road when she spots motion from the corner of her eye. She looks and sees her 5 year old grandson come walking down a hill, his little arm swaying as his hand is clasped tightly in the big unyielding hand of one of our local good guys , darn, my stomach is just churning again! Now this mother/grandmother watches cautiously as the two come closer, she sees a stupid grin on this cops face. She hears as the cop says, “This is a good boy” yes he is, she says. “A smart boy too” yes he is, she says.  “I tend to believe his story much more than I do his dads story” the mouth behind the stupid grin says. “Why? Did a big dragon swoop down out of the sky and swallow your little dog too?” she asks the head behind the stupid grin. I mean come on now. Maybe his kids aren’t normal but a normal 5 year old, boy OR girl, can tell some awful tall tales! Especially when prompted to say what a jackass wants to hear

As it turns out, this big dumb man[?] behind the grin has been asking this 5 year old child about the evenings events, knowing full well that anyone can lead a 5 year old into saying just about anything you want them to. With noone around to protect this childs rights, this COP asks him questions that HE TRIED TO USE IN COURT – DUMBASS.

Sorry folks. Now that just ain’t right in anyones book!!!


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