Lowest Prices on Indoor Fountains and Parts

10 Nov

I notice a big difference in prices for Mist Fountains and Waterfalls on my site and those of other webstores. I guess the difference has alot to do with other sites and stores having alot of overhead and I don’t. Mine is a small home based biz, but I still manage to stock all my own items.
I have the indoor fountains that originally started out as the ‘Mist of Dreams’ fountains. I see them priced at anywhere from $69 to $109 each. I too have the 16 mode Inline Control Mist maker fogger unit, with 12 led rotating lights and 20mm ceramic disc, and ac power adapter with an output of 1000m with each indoor floor fountain.
The output is very important as that is the power that is pushing the ceramic disc in the fountains. It is the ceramic disc that creates the mist, and a 20mm disc creates more mist than the 16mm disc.
I have a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE on ALL items at
ALL Indoor Mist Fountains now come with the 16 mode inline control unit, 20mm ceramic disc and an  excellant power adapter with 24v 1000m, your choice of Lotus style Fountains -simply meaning with a wavy bowl, or the Round Bowls [Galaxy Fountain] for $49.99 complete! You can also create your own fountain with the wholesale Fountain Bowls, Stands, and Fountain Parts that you will find at MyFountainDesigns

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