What happened to the “blog”

11 Nov

I have had my own ecommerce website for over 3 years, but didn’t get into the “blog” scene until about a year ago. But I don’t get it. I always heard and read, that a blog was more like a personal journal. So that is how I started my blog. My own thoughts about my world, my surroundings and MY life. So I go about visiting these other blogs while logged into my Link Referral account, and 99% of blogs are as far from a personal journal as they can get! Most are the equivalent to what we call link farms on a website. All you see are ads ads and more ads! All of the blog writers have google ad sense [I think that is the right term for them, don’t know, have never used, and won’t] Even if the blog writer does tell stories about their life, they still make their stories so that they can interject ads for google on them!

Now I know everyone wants and needs to make some money, but this takes me to my question of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE “BLOG”???

I had a LR reviewer ‘review’ this blog and he commented on it and said, “How does this blog have anything to do with your view from your mountain?” well, IF he had taken time to look at my blog then he would have seen the articles on My View From a Mountain Top meaning, my view of LIFE from up here.

I do have a question if you know about these wordpress blogs, I have a page called COPS THAT MURDER and MOTORCYCLES AND A BUZZ and a couple of others. But I don’t see them anywhere in my menu – or categories- to the right. WHERE ARE THEY AND HOW CAN THEY BE SEEN???


Posted by on November 11, 2008 in personal thoughts


3 responses to “What happened to the “blog”

  1. Tony Trainor

    February 13, 2009 at 6:31 am

    I haven’t read such a lot of negative tosh for weeks. What do you expect if your point of reference is Link Referral? You’re still part of so a cursory glance through its members will reveal a plethora of personal blogs. That trend continues with many self-hosted WordPress blogs because people by then have developed a non-commercial style with many options through plugins and theme hacks to personalise their content. I don’t think people on should be involved in commercialisation at all, and I believe the platform is incompatible with google adsense, for example, which is just as well. Move to a wordpress blog under your own domain and you will see ways of monetising without losing the spirit of blogging, which you correctly identify. Be true to your spirit. You should do what you enjoy, and do it with the best of the free tools available. If Link Referral is making you pessimistic about blogging, give it a rest and link up with your neighbours on wordpress… you can access so many random sites from your dashboard. Writing comments directly on other blogs leads to permanent links back to your own blog and it’s more fun. Only other Link Referral users every know how popular you might become through that incestuous system. Don’t worry about SEO, page ranking and so on… just carry on blogging and keep it personal… as the ghost of Jim Morrison said n Wayne’s Word II, if you believe, they will come.

  2. Dwayne

    November 13, 2008 at 12:00 am

    Hi, I agree, though I do have ads and affiliate links on my blog… 😡

    As for your missing pages, I’m going to guess it’s a part of your theme. For me, my “Pages” show up as a list in the sidebar, and the sidebar.php code has a chunk like this “<?php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=Pages’ ); ?>” (Design Tab -> Theme editor)
    Of course, make sure your pages are published, and not set to private.
    Good luck.

  3. Aria

    November 12, 2008 at 10:01 am

    I agree. Since adding a blog became the latest marketing ploy, the well-written personal blogs have almost gone the way of the Dodo… Unless you’re under 20 and have it linked to a MySpace (facebook) page. Maybe that’s why mine moved up the Alexa rankings quickly. I have sales things–yes Googoo being one of them, but it’s at the bottom, and others are down a bit in my sidebar–not smacking my readers in the face the second they get to my page. Then again, I’m a writer, so that is what’s important to me. Yes, making some money from it would be nice, but hey, that’s not the whole reason I’m there.
    ps. your post on cops that murder is listed in the header for your top clicks, just below your category search/recent comments…. Just, FYI 😀


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