ecommerce and Christian Values

08 Dec

I’ve been a member of  LR for 3 years, the only one that I personally use for 4 different websites/blogs/channels of mine, and  I get great reviews from other members too. I spent most of my time in LR advertising MyFountainDesigns.
I love planting seeds too, so I combine these 2 loves of mine and promote Christian values with photos of our Lord and bible quotes.  I have pictures of Jesus on every one of my ecommerce pages! I have received many comments about my different style of webstore and the fact that I AM NOT AFRAID TO BOLDLY CONFESS MY LOVE FOR MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!image016

Now I get some not so great reviews too, and ridiculed for my public  display of  Gods word on my website. This is the latest not-so-great review I received from a gal

comments: Nice site easy to navigate and interesting sales idea for an online store. Items look really pretty and you showcase them well. I found your homepage a little clutered and disorgansied after the helpful links section and the Christain aspects may turn some people off I would try and make it less focused on personal/spiritual beliefs rather your great products this will create a larger target audience.

Now this is where I stress the point that I did create this website. I designed it and am co-owner with only my Father. My reply to this comment:

if more stores and websites would stand up for their belief in God instead of catering to the  minority of unbelievers, this country would be in much better shape. I AM PROUD I AM A CHRISTIAN! Jesus said, “If you deny me, I will deny you before my Father in heaven” now who do YOU think I am going to try to please?

People, it is our DUTY, our PROMISE to tell others the GOOD NEWS.


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2 responses to “ecommerce and Christian Values

  1. melanie

    December 10, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Keep doing what you have been doing. No products nor ideas is greater than the word of GOD.

  2. Scott McQueen

    December 10, 2008 at 11:29 am

    Stick to your beliefs and continue to put Christ First! You and I both know the bible says challenges will come our way. Standing up for the truth of Christ is so much more important than pleasing an unbelieving fallen world. Seek not worldly praise. I Love Your Site!. I’ll nbe back, found you on LinkReferral.

    God Bless and Take Care!


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