Bailing Hay 2009

09 Jul

This is the most unusual summer I can remember– weather wise – for trying to bail hay. Here in Kentucky the temps have only been as high as 80-82 degrees. When it was hotter than that it rained. To make hay you must have HOT weather, hot enough to dry the hay once it is cut and laying on the ground, and it must remain hot for at least 3-5 days after the hay is cut- WITHOUT RAIN. If you cut the hay and it starts to dry and then it gets rained on, you lose alot of it if it doesn’t mold. IF it molds [which means it is not good and dry] you risk the chance of it going through a heat process that can actually cause the hay to catch on fire after you’ve hauled it to its storage place.This can happen for days and weeks after you’ve hauled the hay

When we lived in Texas from 1980 – 1994, I’ve seen guys in the hay field, and for whatever reason – they either rolled [big round rolls 5 to 6 ft in diameter] the hay while it was still damp and the hay caught fire WHILE IN THE HAY BALER and their baler burned up right along with the tractor that was pulling the hay baler! OR they had a bearing get hot in their hay baler and didn’t take care of that problem immediately, so the dry hay gets against the much too hot bearing, the hay catches on fire which catches the hay baler [or hay roller] on fire, which catches the tractor on fire, and the farmer – or the Rancher as they’re called in Texas – looses their hay baler and their tractor! I have seen that happen more than once, alot more.

This is a video taken in one of our hayfields last summer – 2008 – but youtube cut the sound! I was kicked back in the truck, listening to one of my favorite cds – NICKLEBACK and it could be heard on the video, so youtube cut the sound out, copyrights and all that stuff– and watching Ginger run around. Larry is cutting hay with his 9 foot sickle – or cutter – which is rare in Ky. Most farmers have a 5 or 6 foot cutter, until they see the sickle we brought back from Texas with us! Then they try to get them a bigger one……… you blame ’em? This thing cuts a big field quick.



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