Not my day at the barn

31 Aug

We’ve been working on the new barn with the help of our Dyna-Tech Ultra Portable Bandsaw, and have 5 stalls complete with horses included, but we we still use the old barn.

I climbed the old ladder up to the barn loft so I could fill the horses mangers with hay. Capareille and Rock, Shelby , and Carmen are still t the old bard. On one side of the loft the boards are a bit wider apart than what should be. I’ve walked that loft hundreds of times w/no problem. Today as I walked overtop of Mama Cap and Rocks’s stall, I stepped a bit off I guess! But my foot went thru 2 of the boards and half of me, rather… the bottom half of one side of me, fell thru the boards. Well there I was, 1 leg- all the way up to my beutwa, was hanging down thru the barn loft. My other leg was still on top of the loft floor, and my right arm went thru as well, tearing at my wrist as I went down, I mean half of me, uuhm one bottom half of me was just dangling there, over top of Mama Caps head!

I tried to pull my leg, and then foot, back up thru the boards, but my shoe was too wide to go between the boards on the way back up! AAGGHHH. I was hurting, just a little, so I reached through the barn loft floor and took my shoe off,then my foot came back through.

simply Not My Day At The Barn


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