Billfold Stolen in Lexington Ky

25 Feb

I go with my husband to the dr in Lexington Ky every 2 months, this month being the bi-monthly, 3 hour trip.  During this long trip I took the wallet out of my back pocket and must have left it in the seat- the passenger seat.

We get to Lexington, Larry gets out, and I get out the passenger side to let Ginger go over to the grass and do her thing and to give the local ducks a quick run for their money. It’s freezing on this Feb 17th day, so I call for Gin to come on and we’d go get something to eat. We’d left at 6 that morning and it was time to get something in the belly!

I get in the drivers seat, drive to a little store, and reach in my back pocket. NO WALLET! I search my thrown to the side bag, the passenger seat, under both seats, and in the back floor of our Dodge diesel truck. NO WALLET!

I knew what had happened,, so I rushed back to the drs, my parking spot was still empty so I pulled back in it. I get out, walk to the pond where Gin had done her morning rituals, walk back to the truck in the exact line I had walked earlier that morning.

Of Course My Wallet Was Nowhere To Be Found! A woman walking out of the drs office had been seen picking something up where my truck had been parked. She went strait to an ATM machine and wiped my checking account out first thing. On to a gas station on Leestown Road and filled her car up. Then  to a Tobacco Store for a $33 purchase. She made a couple more purchases- all while my checking acct was -by then – less than $0. Now anyone that has read my blog know how I feel about our LAW ENFORCEMENT [gag] but they have their uses! And I made use of them on this occasion. I had to in order to get the charges taken off my account. This lady [?] hit the jackpot that day. She obtained $250 cash, free rein to my checking acct, MY drivers license, SS card. BUT, hopefully she messed up! When she used my debit card at the gas station she was caught on the security camera [I am hoping] and the Lexington city police officer SAID a detective would be assigned to the case and would try to find who this lady [NO! a lady would have taken the found wallet into the drs office! I would have- I HAVE!]

Now, do YOU think the identity of this woman will be found?



Posted by on February 25, 2010 in Ky Law



3 responses to “Billfold Stolen in Lexington Ky

  1. account money

    February 28, 2010 at 6:48 am

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  2. MountainHigh

    February 26, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    also, I don’t know what type of atm machine she used. but you CAN use a debit card at walmarts atm machine and do just as I mentioned

  3. MountainHigh

    February 26, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    unless you hit the CANCEL button and run it as a credit card. If not that way, I don’t know how the “ALLEGED” thief did it. There has been a police report filed, all documents taken to bank. But I’m not going to post that info on this blog so ppl won’t call her an “ALLEGED” thief


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