Square Hay Bales 2010

23 Jun

Oh yes, the joys of bailing hay in the hot, humid, Ky summertime! Yeah buddy! LOL! I DO NOT like square bales!

Our Main Hay and Farm Hand

I didn’t have alot of experience working in hay before we went to Texas in 1980, then when we got cows a couple years later, we went at it full force. We had our own equipment, and we did ROUND ROLLS OF HAY- or ROUND BALES. There’s about 18 – 20 square bales of hay in 1 round roll of hay [ depending on what size/type of round baler you use, and how much hay you want in them] so I got used to the ease of those rolls.
Now we have horses. So square
bales it is AND round rolls since we still have cattle.

Putting up square bales of hay is a mind numbing, body numbing, hot, totally wear you out kind of activity, especially in the Ky humidity that comes along with our summers, and this summer is no different!  After the hay has been cut, teetered, raked, and baled, we load it onto trailers and in the back of pickup trucks. Then haul it to the barn and pick every one of the square bales up again and reach them up to the barn loft where a couple of people- one of them me – are waiting to get the bales as they come up and then carry them to the end of the barn and stack them in  their final destination until they are needed to fill a horses belly this winter.
Sounds Like Fun huh????


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