Hay Season and Vietnam Veterans

02 Aug

It is now August and I’m wondering if this years hay season will ever end! Of course I know it will- it will be winter before we have time to think about it much! But I have about had my fill of hay this year!
Larry has a wonderful friend named Payne, that brings his Hay Teter to the hay fields, and teters the hay before it is raked. If you teter the hay, it dries out alot quicker so you can get it baled and off the field so it can start growing for the next cut!
I support U.S. TROOPS AND VETERANS 100% and always have. I feel closer to those that served in VIETNAM, maybe because I know quite a few of the heros from that war, that was never officially a war [whatever, hmm. Just another government flaw??] and when opportunity arises, I seize it…. soooo….
While doing a google search to make sure I had the spelling correct for ‘teter’, I came across this post from VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA post 172, and this post of mine seemed like a good place to slip in a SUPPORT OUR VETERANS message.


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