Broke Foot or Not?

11 Aug

There were several reasons why I closed my ecommerce site this past January.  One of those reasons was because the foot and ankle specialist said my foot was broke very bad and was going to take several surgeries to fix it.  So this specialist sends me to an orthopedic surgeon in Lexington so she can get me setup for surgery and yada yada.  But when I get to the surgeon’s office she looks at the xrays, she looks at the MRI’s, then she takes her own sets of each.  Then she lays the really great news on me -my foot isn’t broke at all!  But rather is just simply worn out.  Gee, um OK.  She says I have a very bony foot -no arguing there -and that I don’t have the fatty tissue- the padding-  in my foot that other people have.  So the padding that was there is just gone.  She said there was


nothing that can be done, but she shot my foot up with cortisone which gave it a tremendous relief.  But the shots wear off, correction, that shot wore off!  So now it’s back to the pain and the limp.  Oh but she did have me go to this dude that makes prosthetics, and he made some things that are molded to the exact shape of my foot to put in my shoes to support it.

So I have a foot specialist telling me my foot is broke, and the surgeon telling me it is not broke.  So what do I do, flip a coin?
Now if only it was that easy.  So I took all my x-rays and MRI’s and reports to another Dr. He agreed with the surgeon that my foot was just wore out!
True.  I have done a lot of walking in my life.  But walking with the wrong type shoes, or no shoes at all, and on the wrong surfaces.  Always on concrete floors or blacktop roads were the jobs I had.
Now this is a total bummer!  I can’t even swim!  I took Riddick swimming at Paintsville Lake last week and we wandered out toward deep waters and I found that I couldn’t kick my foot to swim!  It hurt!  Bad!  So, what, am I to always float from now on?  Bummer.  Total bummer in more ways than one.

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One response to “Broke Foot or Not?

  1. Janina

    August 13, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    I can understand the confusion that you are going through. I have a similar problem and have been in pain now for almost a year. Only difference is that now there is a problem with they say my knee but I keep telling them the pain is not in the knee but the shin bone. The bumps that show in the x-rays are spurs and nothing can be done. How they got there no one knows.


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