08 Mar

It has now been 3 years since I first posted COPS THAT MURDER -about the Ky State Trooper that murdered Randy Baldwin, but the memories and pain never fade.Randy Baldwin was vmurdered by a Ky State Trooper
There were alot of questions I posed in that first post, questions that could not be answered because the story that was in the papers, on the news, the ‘official’ story did not make sense. It could not have happened the way State Trooper Byron Hansford said it did. For many reasons, I have not updated the story with the actual- FACTUAL TRUTH……… until now…..

Randy started having blackouts and had been to the Dr concerning them, just days before his fateful meeting with Ky State Trooper Byron Hansford
Randy had experienced one of these blackouts and someone drove by, seen Randy laying beside the road, not moving, so they thought he had been hit by a car and made that fatal 911 call.

continue on for the Truth about what really happened……..

FACT: Randy was NOT drunk and passed out beside of the road. Randy had blacked out
Even though Randy was roused up and awake by then, the Jo Co Rescue Squad felt they couldn’t leave him there by the road, so they called the police

FACT: Trooper Hansford said Randy ‘appeared’ to be intoxicated, so Byron Hansford arrested Randy….. after all,  he wouldn’t go with the Rescue Squad. … I thought the cops had breathalyzer tests?????
Randys autopsy report was not red flagged.
The only thing found in Randys system was his own meds.

FACT: Randy was NOT shot in his chest by Trooper Byron Hansford.
The bullet from Byron Hansfords gun went into Randys right side, under his ribcage and exited Randys stomach. Byron Hansford was fighting/wrestling with Randy while Randy was seated, but laid to his left side, away from mr hansford.

speculation: This cop got a smug, self righteous, GOD LIKE POWER attitude that many cops get, so byron hansford USED that power over life and death and chose death for Randy that day

FACT: Randy was shot while in the back seat of Byron Hansfords car

FACT: Randys arms were raised by his side – at least his right arm or the bullet from Byron Hansfords gun would have hit Randy in the arm.

FACT: This Ky State Trooper shot Randy, THEN dragged Randys near lifeless body out of the backseat


FACT: Randy did NOT have a gun on him at the time of his arrest – a gun was found at the scene – BUT RANDYS FINGERPRINTS WERE NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ON THE GUN

FACT: No other Police Officer was called until much later AFTER Byron Hansford shot Randy

– there is more that I will add to this update, but the facts about the murder of Randy are what this is about.

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