Knott Co Spring Trail Ride 2011 May 2 -May 8

24 Apr

Its time to get ready to move on to Hindman Ky to the 2011 Knott County Spring Trail Ride! Many of us have been waiting for this week since last fall, since the Fall 2010 Knott Co Trail ride!
The Knott County Ride is the biggest in East Ky, when counting the number of horses and people attending,
and the 2010 Fall Ride was their biggest – so far. Come on and join us for a week of making new friends,
revisiting ones you only see at the trail rides, good food- cause there is always alot of great outdoor cooking, and
there are food booths.
The 2011 Knott Co Trail Ride begins May 2 and runs through Sunday May 8. Many people go to the campgrounds early in the week and set up camp, many stay the entire week, but the majority show up sometime on Friday and stay the weekend. Horse lovers from all over the United States show up for this event, and for good reason! Long trails, smooth riding, live bands, and meeting up with thousands of other liked minded folk, make the Knott Co Trail Ride one of everybody’s favorite! —

‘H’ Horse, gemme my boots Mama, gettin on my horse mama, I’m gonna ride!

horses,horse back riding



and don’t forget to support your local small biz – –  wholesale Electric Oil Warmers and Fragrance Oils, for the retail customer!


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