Fried Cucumbers

07 Jul

Yep, you read it right! I know many have heard of, and fry their own Green Tomatoes. But try FRIED CUCUMBERS – mmm mmm mmm.
Cut the hide [the skin- or that green outside part] off, slice the cumber so you end up with a bunch of ROUND slices, then roll it in whatever you fry your tomatoes or squash in, heat your oil and fry those Cucumbers. I like them better than any of the above mentioned items.

How I Fry Cucumbers
This is a matter of choice, but I always use Olive Oil for all my frying. It is more expensive, but, is the Oil of The People, according to the Bible. So thats what I use [I also use it to anoint my home, and people when the opportunity arises]
 – Heat oil on medium heat
 –  Wash Cucumbers, then slice as stated above
 –  put flour in a bowl with a lid or a bag to shake – for easier coating
 – Salt and pepper to taste, and I add some Mrs Dash Seasoning- or 2 different kinds – however I feel like doing it that day!
 – after slicing, place several slices in bowl or bag, shake till well coated
 – place slices single layer in the heated oil and fry till lightly browned, then turn and fry the other side

Many have different things they mix when frying veggies. Same applies here. You can add milk to your flour, or an egg, to make a thicker coating on the cucumbers. But the same rule applies with cucumbers, tomatoes, squash or whatever, WHEN IN DOUBT—— ROLL IN FLOUR AND FRY! You can’t go wrong!,


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