Revamp your Smelly Jelly

10 Nov

Revamp your Smelly Jelly.

I posted about how to wash your smelly jelly air fresheners on my other blog – Electric Oil Warmers

BTW, my ebay store is now open and SadiesTreasureTrunk is still open. They have mostly the same items, but you will find more Fragrance Oils in SadiesTreasureTrunk and you will find a few more Electric Oil Warmers in my ebay store- http://Aromas-n-FragranceLamps.combutterfly and roses, electric oil warmer,  tart warmer
For example, this beautiful Butterfly and Roses Electric Oil Warmer can be found only in my ebay store

You get FREE SHIPPING on $100 orders in BOTH stores, but in SadiesTreasureTrunk you must contact me to get free shipping.

I have other free items with purchases in my ebay store, like a large size, homemade, FREE Tart candle with purchase of any 2-n-1 Tart Warmer, including 2-n-1 NASCAR Tart / Candle Warmers!


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