My Blog Disappears and Frustration

03 Dec

I started my first blog – this blog – in 2008, and have used alot of photos, videos, pics, and slides in my blogposts. I’ve went through several computers since I started this blog, so some of my photos were stored nowhere else but right here in MY administration account! Yea, I know, dumb move but hey, we all make them.
Although wordpress does have alot of features and functionality that a blogger wants, it also has its limitations. I mean, geesh, you can’t put ANY html in sidebars, bottom bars, or any other bars! Not in wordpress.COM anyway. I would love to be able to put a line or 2 of code in a sidebar widget, but nope, not in the wordpress.COM version, but IF you want more functionality with your blog, use and a hosting acct through the best, and get  $1.99 Web Hosting Per Month!

But back to my original intent of this post………..
I haven’t posted in either of my blogs in awhile, or went to my facebook acct or my main twitter account. Just didn’t want to, you see………….
A couple of weeks ago I logged into my acct and found that my blog was GONE! THIS BLOG JUST DISAPPEARED!  In my dashboard were the words…..” no longer exists”   But….. But…..Bull!…But…..WHY?? Lemme tell you I paniced! This blog was the second ‘thing’ that was ‘mine'(???) my thoughts, opinions, pics etc, that I did online! I was a total newbie to it all when I started this blog. But I could not figure out WHY! Then it hit me- all my old photos, a couple videos stored nowhere but here, and a deep rooted, disappointed, sick of it all – feeling started creeping into my heart. Yes it was my fault for not storing my stuff and stories somewhere else… but I didn’t. Maybe I should have stored a copy of my entire blog somewhere! hmmmmf! no, I didn’t!


So I typed them an email and asked them WHY. About 36 – 48 hours later I received a response. “It was a system error and the ‘system’ should not have done that” and then, POOF! my blog was restored just as quickly, and easily, as it had been taken down, with all content! The support guy apologized and offered “if theres anything we can do” yada yada line. Shoot, IF they wanted to do something, give me a FREE UPGRADE of some type- LIKE A NO AD UPGRADE! hmmmf why ask?
 I didn’t quickly get over the fact that all my work – even posts and ads for my first website- MyFountainDesigns – was gone, as quickly as it disappearred, or restored.
I didn’t have my content copied elsewhere, but I do now.
 I’m getting back into a few of the things I do when logged into the world wide web, but with a renewed sense of ‘but…. what if? but……what about?
I guess a lesson was learned, maybe you can learn from it too.


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