Story Behind Paradise Mountain

30 May

If you follow me on twitter, facebook, or one of my other blogs – Electric Oil Warmers & Wholesale Fragrance Oils and MyFountainDesigns – or my youtube channel, you have probably seen my mention of a place called Paradise Mountain, so a little history is in order.

I left the great state of Ky in 1980 with my little family of three, for the Lone Star State. We stayed in Texas for 14 years and returned to Ky in 1994 and built our dream home on land we bought in Lee County Ky. Dreams sometimes are just that, so another move came when we decided to return “home” to Johnson County Ky. Of course land had to be found, bought, and with the various animals that always seemed to find us when looking for a place of their own, we needed alot more land than just a few acres. We liked our privacy as well and would pass our land on down to future generations. So we turned to family in our search for a place that would meet our needs and wants.
One of Larrys cousins  owned land at the very end of Pigeon Creek, and stubbornly held on to it through  offers to buy until he learned that we were trying to find a place to call our own in Johnson County.  A deal was made to purchase this virgin land, and the hard work began, again. I learned that the name Larry was calling our new home was not from his own imagination, but this land was dubbed Paradise Mountain by previous owners because they came here to get away from everyday stuff and enjoy a little piece of paradise.

Even though Paradise Mountain is not officially high enough to be called a ‘mountain’, the name stuck. and there you have it 🙂


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