You can read many articles from “experts” about the benefits of negative ions and benefits of putting lost moisture back into the air in your home. These experts are knowledgeable and use big 15 letter words to describe their results of actual use of mist generators in classrooms, airducts in company lounges, and so on. But they probably have never had a child to suffer from bronchitis.  I have, and this is my story about how I learned of the benefits of a Cool Mist Humidifier aka  Misting Fountain

My youngest child, Will, was born in 1983 in a little town in east Texas called Fairfield. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT always warm in Texas, at least not in East Texas. Anyway, every autumn when it turned cool enough to turn the heat on, my son would eventually start the congestion thing and stuffy nose, and that awful tight cough. No matter what I did nothing seemed to help. I put vicks salve on his chest, back, temples, bottom of his feet, shoot, my son practically bathed in Vicks Salve! and all the OTC cough and congestion stuff didn’t help.  So off to the drs we would go.

The winter Will was 5 years old I took him to the drs every 6 weeks. Doc said my son had bronchitis and prescribed the pink stuff for 14 days and viola! cough and congestion was gone! Until the pink stuff ran out, then cough and congestion was right back. Off to the drs again, pink stuff, 14 days, cough and My son Will at 5 yrs oldcongestion gone,- pink stuff gone, cough and congestion back, go to drs, pink stuff, 14 days, viola! cough and congestion gone, -pink stuff gone, cough and congestion back, go to drs again. I mean really this went on and on. I took my son to the drs 5 times that fall and winter due to extreme cough and congestion. Doc even gave shots to break up my sons congestion, but shots wear off too.

Then a friend of mine asked me if I had ever tried a cool mist humidifier. Not only had I not tried one, I had never even heard of one! At that point I was willing to try anything. So off to the local dept store I went and there they were, Cool Mist Humidifiers!
I purchased a cool mist humidifier and, 3 extra filters. I crossed my fingers, filled the humidifier with water, and set it beside of Wills bed that night, every night, and even kept the humidifier going all day to replace lost moisture that I later learned was a natural occurrence with all heating and air conditioning. Within a week I could tell a BIG difference in my sons health! I kept using the humidifier until he was completely over his symptoms of bronchitis. I THOUGHT he was cured. HAH! Within a couple weeks of not using this new discovery of mine, MY SONS SYMPTOMS WERE BACK. Stupid move mom. So I learned that I had to continually put moisture back into the air. I used a cool mist humidifier every year, every day, and my son NEVER suffered from the symptoms of bronchitis again.
Of course I did have to purchase new cool mist humidifiers every couple of years because the filters would no longer be made for the model I had. So a new, updated style with expensive filters was purchased again and again. But when your childs health is at stake, you’ll spend it, right? I knew what my child was going thru with that awful cough of his because I had the same symptoms every year when I was growing up, and I knew how bad it hurt my head from the constant coughing, my chest and ribs hurt from the constant coughing, and the sleepless nights because I could not go to sleep because of……. the nonstop coughing.

I used a cool mist humidifier for years. Then about 6 or 7 years ago I seen this new thing they called a Misting Fountain. I seen the mist that was created from this mist fountain and I thought Hey! That thing does the same thing that cool mist humidifiers do! Only misting fountains are decorative,  much nicer to look at than the cool mist humidifiers that I had been buying for years. and they do not use filters! PERFECT! So I bought a decorative cool mist humidifier, aka Misting Fountain, and have used them since then. Mist Fountains replace moisture and create negative ions just like those ugly humidifiers that I had to replace every couple of years.

When I decided to create my own ecommerce website, I learned I should be an expert at what I wanted to sell in order to be successful. After weeks of racking my brain trying to think of something, ANYTHING, that I was an expert at, I was about to give up! Then right in front of me was my hanging floor fountain, just sitting there misting away and filling my home with all that moisture! Soothing my dry skin and hair along with all the other benefits I had learned these fountains provided, plus they are gorgeous! and it hit me [finally] ahah! I have my item! and was born

My son is now 26 years old and even though that dr said he would outgrow his bronchitis, he was wrong! SHOCK!! My son does not use his misting fountain as often as he should, but when cool weather comes he uses his mist fountain daily. Wills 6 year old son Riddick also has bronchitus and the same cough and congestion that Will and I both had/have, so Will always makes sure that his misting fountain is working and filled with water,  for his son. Family Tradition?????.

My son Will, w/his son Riddick


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