NASCAR Candle and Tart Warmers

NASCAR Candle and Tart Warmers.

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while, because I’ve been setting up my ebay storeagain – and postiNASCAR, Jeff Gordon, Candle Warmer, Tart Warmer, Electric Oil Warmer,unique giftng in another one of my wordpress blogs.  So go on over to my other blog and check out my Officially Licensed Racing Reflections, NASCAR Candle Warmers and NASCAR Candle Warmers with Tart Dish!
The current sale is FREE SHIPPING on $100 orders! Now that is an excellent deal especially when you consider the fact that I have a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE anyway! Get alot of your Christmas shopping done with a discount like that! 🙂 These Candle Warmers, and my other Candle/Tart Warmers and Electric Oil Warmers make great gifts!
BTW don’t forget about SadiesTreasureTrunk that has the same items [more Fragrance Oils though] same sales, but with Lower Prices!! – no ebay fees for me there!


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Revamp your Smelly Jelly

Revamp your Smelly Jelly.

I posted about how to wash your smelly jelly air fresheners on my other blog – Electric Oil Warmers

BTW, my ebay store is now open and SadiesTreasureTrunk is still open. They have mostly the same items, but you will find more Fragrance Oils in SadiesTreasureTrunk and you will find a few more Electric Oil Warmers in my ebay store- http://Aromas-n-FragranceLamps.combutterfly and roses, electric oil warmer,  tart warmer
For example, this beautiful Butterfly and Roses Electric Oil Warmer can be found only in my ebay store

You get FREE SHIPPING on $100 orders in BOTH stores, but in SadiesTreasureTrunk you must contact me to get free shipping.

I have other free items with purchases in my ebay store, like a large size, homemade, FREE Tart candle with purchase of any 2-n-1 Tart Warmer, including 2-n-1 NASCAR Tart / Candle Warmers!


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Spring 2011 Lee County Trail Ride

I don’t think I ever put our SPRING 2011 LEE COUNTY TRAIL RIDE on here, so here is one of the videos from that ride. Riddick is riding his little pony Buck, but he graduated to a much bigger horse this summer, and is what he now rides and rode in the FALL HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDES.

We ride thru what is called Hells Creek and Walkers Creek on our second day of our Spring 2011 Trail Ride at Lee County Ky – Beattyville . There was about 60 of us straggled out n about on horse back that day, and down part of Ky Rt 11 when leaving and returning to camp



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Knott Co Fall Horseback Trail Ride 2011

FINALLY, I present the first video I put together using clips taken with my trusty Nikon Coolpix camera. Little things while living life on Paradise Mountain have taken up alot of my time, but here is the FIRST video I put together from the famous 2011 FALL KNOTT COUNTY HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDE!

Knott County Ky Horse Trail Rides are THE largest horseback trail riding events in Ky. This Spring and Fall equine event is anticipated by horse lovers from all over the USA. Many come if they don’t ride a horse, wagon, buggy, mule, donkey, or if they don’t even own a horse, but for love of the great outdoors, the 1000’s of like minded people that camp at Knott Co campgrounds, to get together with good friends, good camp food, and for the beautiful scenery in the Appalachian Hills of Ky. Knott Co Trail Rides are held twice a year in Knott Co – Hindman Ky.


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2011 Knott Co Ky Trail Ride is NOW

I ain’t even going to try and offer any explanation as to why I haven’t typed this up yet. I’ll take the fifth  and stick to that!! :p

THE Knott County Ky 2011 Fall Horse Trail Ride [and wagons, buggys, covered wagon, or a surrey if you choose) is NOW! Some of the more enthusiastic horse riding lovers, camping lovers, and some just Good Time lovers- yeah, wooh! – will have already gone to the campground earlier this week. Some people went as early as Monday to rope off a place for themselves and their crew..

If you set up camp with friends, you still meet many, many, – up to 14000+ – new people, lots of friends you made at the last Knott Co Trail Ride, or the one before that, or the one……- you get the picture, but still be with home folk when you come in from a ride to share the campfire with.

ADMISSION TO THE FALL 2011 KNOTT CO FALL TRAIL RIDE —> $15 p/p and kids have always been free.


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eBay Feedback for SadiesTreasureTrunk

eBay Feedback for SadiesTreasureTrunk.

Even though my store – – is NOT in ebay now, and I stock only Electric Oil Warmers, Candle Warmers, NASCAR Candle Warmers, and Fragrance Oils, my Customer Service and Satisfaction remains as it has been for more than 6 years!


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