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2012 Spring Trail Ride Lee County Ky

The Lee County Ky Spring 2012 Horse Back Trail Ride was the weekend of May 11-13 this year. Being the weekend of Mothers Day, there was not as many riders as usual, of course the pending rain might have had something to do with the decreased number of horses and riders. But we went, no matter the date or weather! It is my favorite county trail ride that we go to in East Ky

We set up camp on Friday evening and then set out to explore the campground and to see what other horses and riders had ventured to Lee County to ride the Walkers Creek and Hells Creek ride. Riddick met up with his bud Grant on the road and they followed us to the Lee County Saddle Club to begin their weekend ride.

I didn’t get as many pictures or videos as usual. I’ve been taking it easy with my Nikon Coolpix camera. This one has been at the bottom of Paintsville Lake, in Paint Creek, dropped on various roads, left at the barn overnight to draw moisture, and other places not good for a camera, but it keeps on going! mmm hmm, love my lil Nikon camera!

Here is what I did get…..

Spring Trail Ride 2012 Lee Co Ky


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2011 Knott Co Ky Trail Ride is NOW

I ain’t even going to try and offer any explanation as to why I haven’t typed this up yet. I’ll take the fifth  and stick to that!! :p

THE Knott County Ky 2011 Fall Horse Trail Ride [and wagons, buggys, covered wagon, or a surrey if you choose) is NOW! Some of the more enthusiastic horse riding lovers, camping lovers, and some just Good Time lovers- yeah, wooh! – will have already gone to the campground earlier this week. Some people went as early as Monday to rope off a place for themselves and their crew..

If you set up camp with friends, you still meet many, many, – up to 14000+ – new people, lots of friends you made at the last Knott Co Trail Ride, or the one before that, or the one……- you get the picture, but still be with home folk when you come in from a ride to share the campfire with.

ADMISSION TO THE FALL 2011 KNOTT CO FALL TRAIL RIDE —> $15 p/p and kids have always been free.


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Knott Co Spring Trail Ride 2011 May 2 -May 8

Its time to get ready to move on to Hindman Ky to the 2011 Knott County Spring Trail Ride! Many of us have been waiting for this week since last fall, since the Fall 2010 Knott Co Trail ride!
The Knott County Ride is the biggest in East Ky, when counting the number of horses and people attending,
and the 2010 Fall Ride was their biggest – so far. Come on and join us for a week of making new friends,
revisiting ones you only see at the trail rides, good food- cause there is always alot of great outdoor cooking, and
there are food booths.
The 2011 Knott Co Trail Ride begins May 2 and runs through Sunday May 8. Many people go to the campgrounds early in the week and set up camp, many stay the entire week, but the majority show up sometime on Friday and stay the weekend. Horse lovers from all over the United States show up for this event, and for good reason! Long trails, smooth riding, live bands, and meeting up with thousands of other liked minded folk, make the Knott Co Trail Ride one of everybody’s favorite! —

‘H’ Horse, gemme my boots Mama, gettin on my horse mama, I’m gonna ride!

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Get Ready for 2011 Spring Horse Back Trail Rides

Anticipating the 2011 Spring Horse Back Trail Rides in the various counties we’ll be riding in – such as KNOTT COUNTY SPRING 2011 HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDE, LEE CO SPRING RIDES, PATOKER, PARADISE MOUNTAIN TRAIL RIDES, somewhere in West Virginia- horseback trail rides,  😀 and others, I hated to hear that Owsley County Saddle Club will most likely NOT be having any trail rides this year.
I had a great time at the Fall 2010 Owsley Co Ky Fall Trail Ride, and got to see alot of old friends and met some fantastic new friends. But, thanks to another instance of the brilliance of our,uh-hmm, Law Enforcement agencies, there is a HUGE lawsuit against the Owsley County keystone cops and the Owsley County Saddle Club!
Will and I were checking out someone else’s 2010 Spring Trail Ride video on youtube at the beginning of this video as Larry watched us watching them! lol

Here’s to the good times Owsley County!


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I went to this trailride with a dead battery in my camera! I didn’t get as many photos as I’d liked to have taken, but oh well- I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!

The Owsley County – Booneville – Saddle Club sponsored this horse back riding trail event for all. The ride was alot longer than the one the previous weekend in Knott Co, mileage anyway, and we all had sore butts, backs, legs, and other body parts by the time we all staggered in!


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kentucky horse park – horseshow- Easter weekend

Kentucky Mountain horse lovers and riders alike will travel to the Ky Horsepark in Lexington Ky this weekend. Early arrivals will show up on Good Friday, but the festivities and Ky Mountain Horseshow starts on Saturday April 10 and runs thru Sunday April 11.  Ky Mountain.

Convenient facilities w/water and elec hookups next to the show ring and for those of us more adventurous horseman, we shall pitch our tent and wear it proudly…

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