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Caves, Tunnels, and BEARS??

Riddick and I love to explore the many caves on Paradise Mountain, Oil Springs Ky. We call them our ‘Indian Caves’ . This adventure leads us to a tunnel that runs underneath caves and boulders. Riddick hopes we find a bear cub in the tunnel, I hope we don’t find the cubs mama!



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Riddicks Dream Home… our Indian Caves

I’ve been working outside, alot, and have cleaned the hill in front of the house that goes down to…….
I’ve passed my love of the great outdoors, and mountains, and hiking, and just messin around, on to Riddick. He doesn’t get into the cleaning brush and raking leaves too much, but he loves to explore. We are making our first trip to our Indian Caves since I’ve cleaned the hill. Riddick was thrilled because he can go to them now by himself ,  with granny not too far behind!


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