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Fourth and Fifth Week After Knee Replacement

I blogged about Larry having total knee replacement surgery, but there is just a bit more to it!

When I first typed up the post about Larry having surgery on Jan 18 it was just 3 weeks after surgery, and Larry looked as kewl as a cucumber walking with the aide of therapist and walker. Check him out after his 4th and 5th week post-surgery!

Now don’t get freaked out if you need Total Knee Replacement surgery, unless of course you are a stubborn soul such as our beloved Larry. In his case, he needed the surgery done 10 years ago! But came up with excuses year after year until he finally damaged discs in his back BECAUSE of his bad knee(s)

Larry was told by his drs that he would be able to use his tractor and ride horses after three months, and they were right! Larry went on his first pain free (left) knee horse back ride in years. Now if he’d only stubborn down and get his other knee replaced. Ahh well, that will be for another year I guess, or decade perhaps?

Knee Replacement Surgery – Vid #2

This video is in no way to make fun of Larry or his pain, but rather a warning to YOU, IF you too need Knee Replacement…… Don’t Put It Off! The healing time is much longer and you risk the health of your back. OK, maybe it was a little bit of an………… “I told you so”!


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