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Meet Buddy

My readers know by now that I have a soft spot for animals. I’ve raised just about every animal that is local to our area, wild and not. DO NOT send your animals my way though! I don’t allow just any animal to stay anymore, but rather I pick and chose- sorry little critters……… blame the current resident of OUR Whitehouse (s’cuse please, think I’m gonna be sick) and the economy. Animal food has doubled, and tripled, in price, along with EVERYTHING else, in the last few years, but thats for another time. So if I feed all the animals that came my way, the electric would be shut off! I have never allowed male dogs to stay here. Female dogs are just smarter as in all species! ahahaha, and I have female dogs and don’t want puppies. But then……………….. along came Buddy.

Buddy showed up atop Paradise Mountain last month. Ragtag and starving, I fed this mutt of a dog, wormed him good, brushed the long hair off his panting body as the temperature climbed outside and gave him a temporary home- or so I thought! This dog decided he liked me and his new TEMP home, so he set out to win my heart. I go outside and he runs to put his nose in the palm of my hand. He took to Riddick and decided to claim him and everyone else up here as well. He seldom barks, unless Bell decides she wants to go on a coon hunt, then its Buddy on the hunt! He trees coons, chases off anything that comes up here that doesn’t belong, plays with Riddick, and has captured the hearts of all. So for the first time in many, many years, we have a male dog.

Meet Buddy


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Story Behind Paradise Mountain

If you follow me on twitter, facebook, or one of my other blogs – Electric Oil Warmers & Wholesale Fragrance Oils and MyFountainDesigns – or my youtube channel, you have probably seen my mention of a place called Paradise Mountain, so a little history is in order.

I left the great state of Ky in 1980 with my little family of three, for the Lone Star State. We stayed in Texas for 14 years and returned to Ky in 1994 and built our dream home on land we bought in Lee County Ky. Dreams sometimes are just that, so another move came when we decided to return “home” to Johnson County Ky. Of course land had to be found, bought, and with the various animals that always seemed to find us when looking for a place of their own, we needed alot more land than just a few acres. We liked our privacy as well and would pass our land on down to future generations. So we turned to family in our search for a place that would meet our needs and wants.
One of Larrys cousins  owned land at the very end of Pigeon Creek, and stubbornly held on to it through  offers to buy until he learned that we were trying to find a place to call our own in Johnson County.  A deal was made to purchase this virgin land, and the hard work began, again. I learned that the name Larry was calling our new home was not from his own imagination, but this land was dubbed Paradise Mountain by previous owners because they came here to get away from everyday stuff and enjoy a little piece of paradise.

Even though Paradise Mountain is not officially high enough to be called a ‘mountain’, the name stuck. and there you have it 🙂


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Caves, Tunnels, and BEARS??

Riddick and I love to explore the many caves on Paradise Mountain, Oil Springs Ky. We call them our ‘Indian Caves’ . This adventure leads us to a tunnel that runs underneath caves and boulders. Riddick hopes we find a bear cub in the tunnel, I hope we don’t find the cubs mama!



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I post about my store SadiesTreasureTrunk, and some of the items listed in that store, on this blog.
I’ve owned the domain name SadiesTreasureTrunk for five years, but it’s kinda been held hostage since this past spring.  I paid Sadies ransom and she’s back on the web, being the name of my Home Fragrance and Diffuser store!

For those that have been to any of my websites, blogs, or my twitter account, may have noticed that I name some of my items, like my Electric Oil Warmers and our custom
Fragrance Oils, after some of the animals that live atop Paradise Mountain.  I now take this opportunity to introduce you to Sadie.

Sadie was born in 1996, being one of four little bittie rat terrier/fox terrier cross  puppies out of KC.  When an animal makes its home with us, whether it be a dog, a horse, a raccoon, a wolf, or whatever, it is there to stay forever.
Sadie was a pure sweetheart, and the best squirrel treeing dog, and snake killing dog you ever seen!  In this photo is sadie and her pup Belle, attacking a copperhead.  As long as Sadie and Belle were around, snakes weren’t!
My little Sadie was the inspiration for the name of my store, SadiesTreasureTrunk.
Sadie passed away a few months ago at 14 years of age.  I miss you Sadie girl but you live on in my Home Fragrance and Diffuser Store, at

Snake dog???

Sadie of - wholesale store for retail customersDead Copperhead – it just don’t know it yet!

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Front Porch Winter Tenants

My front porch is home to critters all year long. In the summer, it’s home to a multitude of Hummingbirds. But in the winter Squirrels, Woodpeckers, Finch, Sparrows, and Ky’s state bird, the beautiful Red Cardinal. This squirrel is determined to make that BIFRDfeeder his feeder!


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Morning on Paradise Mountain

Alot of people are doing the hustle/bustle thing between 7 and 8 in the morning, but here on top of Paradise Mountain in Oil Springs -Johnson County – in the beautiful Appalachian Hills of Ky, we enjoy a bit more laid back type of morning. All you hear is birds singing, sounds of nature and the occasional ‘other’ animal

Now, doesn’t this look better than traffic jams or concrete and steel?


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