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Knott Co Fall Horseback Trail Ride 2011

FINALLY, I present the first video I put together using clips taken with my trusty Nikon Coolpix camera. Little things while living life on Paradise Mountain have taken up alot of my time, but here is the FIRST video I put together from the famous 2011 FALL KNOTT COUNTY HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDE!

Knott County Ky Horse Trail Rides are THE largest horseback trail riding events in Ky. This Spring and Fall equine event is anticipated by horse lovers from all over the USA. Many come if they don’t ride a horse, wagon, buggy, mule, donkey, or if they don’t even own a horse, but for love of the great outdoors, the 1000’s of like minded people that camp at Knott Co campgrounds, to get together with good friends, good camp food, and for the beautiful scenery in the Appalachian Hills of Ky. Knott Co Trail Rides are held twice a year in Knott Co – Hindman Ky.


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Get Ready for 2011 Spring Horse Back Trail Rides

Anticipating the 2011 Spring Horse Back Trail Rides in the various counties we’ll be riding in – such as KNOTT COUNTY SPRING 2011 HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDE, LEE CO SPRING RIDES, PATOKER, PARADISE MOUNTAIN TRAIL RIDES, somewhere in West Virginia- horseback trail rides,  😀 and others, I hated to hear that Owsley County Saddle Club will most likely NOT be having any trail rides this year.
I had a great time at the Fall 2010 Owsley Co Ky Fall Trail Ride, and got to see alot of old friends and met some fantastic new friends. But, thanks to another instance of the brilliance of our,uh-hmm, Law Enforcement agencies, there is a HUGE lawsuit against the Owsley County keystone cops and the Owsley County Saddle Club!
Will and I were checking out someone else’s 2010 Spring Trail Ride video on youtube at the beginning of this video as Larry watched us watching them! lol

Here’s to the good times Owsley County!


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Decembers Horse Ride

Here it is December 11, 2007 and we had 70 degree weather! That wouldn’t be so unusual if I were still in east Texas but this is east Kentucky. It was GORGEOUS out. You know I just had to go horseback riding on a day like this.

Remember little Sugar? She’s Mama Caps 2007 Palomino filly colt


Cap and Sugar

Sugar is now 19 months old and I’ve had her out 7 times and she is excellent! The big white/black spotted or ‘paint’ mare I call Biggun, is the horse I rode for 2 years, until I broke Sugar! Biggun is a fancy, show ring horse, but I don’t want to get back into that again. I raised, trained and showed Tennessee Walking Horses way back when I had a more flexible back and 2 complete hands. I take it for the pleasure of it now! Must be where the term “pleasure riding” comes from

Little Sugar all grown up

Little Sugar all grown up

and this is Sugar with her mama, Mama Cappareille

my babies, my friends, my horses..... gotta love em

my babies, my friends, my horses..... gotta love em

Horses go to Heaven too, don't they?

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